How to get better rate on your Auto Insurance.

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How to get better rate on your Auto Insurance.

For most people, buying a new car is an exciting experience; however, that excitement diminishes when you are presented with the state requirement of purchasing insurance for that vehicle. Here are a few tips to make the auto insurance buying process a little easier.

Several factors determine your car insurance premium.

  • Age.
  • Marital status
  • Vehicle type
  • Driving history
  • Deductible

The younger you are, the higher your premium. The get the best rate, you need to use a company that caters specifically to younger drivers. (Contact an independent agent or call (678) 889-5496 for access to such markets.)


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One of the benefits of being married may be a lower premium. If you are not married, there may be other ways to save. Having a good driving history with no violations, previous insurance (especially in Georgia,) and selecting a higher deductible may actually lower your premium.

For policy renewals, it is better to contact your agent before you accept the renewal quote because they might be able to find a cheaper quote for you. If they cannot, stick with the policy renewal especially if you’ve had a dent in your driving history (accumulated some tickets.)

Finally, when you shop around for a car, determine whether the vehicle has a high theft rate. Vehicles are rated differently by the insurance companies. Contact an independent agent or call us at (678) 889-5496 to shop around for you or to get a free no obligation quote. We have access to insurance markets that may be suited for you.

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