Primary Trucking Liability Insurance

Primary Auto Liability Insurance For Truckers

Trucking entails an enormous public liability, and primary auto liability portion of Truckers insurance provides a third party coverage when you cause an accident. It pays for damages to public property and injuries to others.

As a Trucking company, the Government requires that you carry a minimum liability insurance of $750,000. Most truckers as you would observe carry up to $1,000,000 or more because they realize that liability from accidents can easily cost that much. Brokers and shippers also require higher liability coverage.

How is Auto Liability Written?

The coverage is usually written on a “Scheduled Auto Basis.”  This means that you must list every Vin number and driver on the policy to be covered in the event of an accident. For companies with a lot of trucks, their policies may be written on an any auto basis. To determine the type of policy that applies to you, please Click Here to complete a Truckers insurance application or call (678) 889-5496 to speak to a licensed insurance agent.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this site is strictly informational and does not constitute insurance advice. Coverage vary by state and by specific individual coverage, so contact your agent to review and advice on your specific type of coverage.