Garage Insurance

Garage Insurance

More garage operations and dealerships choose Zumach Insurance Agency because we are knowledgeable. From Dealer open lot, Business Auto, Garage Keepers, Worker’s Compensation, to Business Property, we listen and tailor the policy according to your need.

Insurance Services

Businesses that need Garage policy

You need garage policy for businesses that engage in repairs, shop, or have a lot.

  • Service stations, Towing, and Impound lot
  • Auto and Truck Repair shops
  • Auto dealerships and more….
Insurance Services

Protect your small business from unexpected lawsuits by getting the right policy for your garage business type.

Specialized coverage- Care, custody and control: Let us know if you keep customer’s vehicle because you may need GarageKeepers Legal Liability.

Our Goal

We want to point you in the right direction as you decide on your coverage options.

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