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What insurance do I need for my MC and DOT Authority

Congratulations! You finally bought your own truck but are now confused about the the coverage you need. You’ve heard everyone talking about Liability, Cargo, Physical Damage and General Liability insurance, yet you find yourself lost in an island of truck insurance information confusion. You are stuck in between and have no idea why you should even get these overages. Well, here are the answers you’ve been looking for:

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance: Truckers cargo insurance is meant to protect the cargo or freight you are hauling. The usual coverage is $100,000 worth of coverage for interstate truckers, although some shippers require higher limits to cover cargo over $100,000 in value. It is imperative to check the required limits before accepting any loads or signing load contracts. If the load you are hauling needs more coverage than you currently have, you have to get higher limits through your cargo carrier. If you are located in the Georgia or Texas areas, please contact us for cargo quotes. We  shop A rated carriers with competitive prices.

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Trucker’s Primary Liability Insurance: This type of liability insurance is only available for companies that wants to or are operating their own authority. You cannot get your authority without this coverage. For more information about getting your own authority, please click HERE or to get a quote on Primary Liability Insurance, please call (678) 889-5496.

Physical Damage: Just like the full coverage insurance in your car, this is sometimes called comprehensive and collision insurance. It covers anything that happens to your truck regardless of fault.

Other overages or endorsements available which may or may not be required by the shipper you are hauling for are:

  • General Liability
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Hired Auto
  • Non Owned Auto

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