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Zumach Insurance is dedicated to simplifying the insurance buying process and empowering the average consumer to make the right decision of a life time. From every day buying a car to home ownership or starting a business, you can definitely benefit from the free information on our site.

Located in Buford, Georgia, we are licensed to sell property and casualty insurance in both the state of Georgia and Texas. We specialize in Auto Insurance, Home Owners,  Business Insurance, All types of Truckers Insurance including Cargo/Liability, Physical Damage, Non trucking Liability or Bob Tail, Occupational Insurance and Truckers General Liability.



GeneralLiabilityVenturing into a new business or just need a change on your upcoming renewal? You need the services of a well informed agency that is ready to work for you. We can get coverages for a large classes of risk including but not limited to Garage, Commercial General Liability and hard to find coverages.



Please contact us at (678) 889-5496 for a free no obligation quote or browse our site for important insurance information for your coverage type.


Customer Testimonial 

I have been with the same car insurance company for 5 years, and I was never told why my premium  skyrocketed without a claim.

The agents at Zumach Insurance explained everything I needed to know and even went the extra mile to get me a rate cheaper than I had. Thanks a  lot for keeping me insured.

—-Karen Sinclair. Customer-Georgia

The agents at this insurance agency knows what they are doing. I particularly worked with a very professional agent that did not try to rush me off. Needless to say, I got my General Liability insurance from them and as my business grows, I will definitely stick with them. This is one headache I don’t have to worry about.   
—Decentia Lewis.  Alpharetta, Georgia
Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is my first insurance policy. You guys rock. I am paying $92/month on full coverage and I am young . Can’t find that anywhere, actually my first quote from another company was $205. Glad I called.
—Samuel Johnson. Stone Mountain, Georgia
I just want to say that I got a great deal on our trucker’s insurance. Thanks for all the hardwork.